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The Price Xbox Series X Expandable Storage Has Been Confirmed

Microsoft’s popularity has soared in the last days, and people have been quite keen on pre-ordering the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the next-gen consoles developed by the popular company.

One of the interesting features that were advertised by Microsoft is the ability to enjoy more storage space in a more convenient fashion with the help of an expandable storage solution that can be swapped easily by users. While the consoles do come with 1TB of storage space in the case of the Series X and 512GB for the Series S, it is likely that many gamers will want more space.

Quite affordable

The expandable storage solution created by Microsoft is a proprietary one, relying on cards that have been engineered to match the same performance that is offered by the internal SSDs that can be found in the consoles.

Seagate is the only company that has been licensed to manufacture these cards for now, and a 1TB expansion card compatible with the Series X and the Series S will be available for $219.99, according to a Best Buy pre-order page.


Users who don’t wish to pay for an expansion card have the option to store their games on classic USB drives, which is a great boon for those that already have external hard drives at hand. Titles that aren’t enhanced for or exclusive to the next-gen Xbox consoles can be played while stored on the USB drive.

Sony decided to allow the use of SSDs that can be placed inside the PS5, but it is likely that the drives which match the impressive performance of the custom-made PS5 SSD will remain expensive for now, especially since the company hasn’t announced what models are compatible.

It is likely that the price of storage solutions will continue to drop once the next-gen consoles become popular among gamers.



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