The PS5 SSD Will Pave The Way For Exclusive Features

There are more than a  few months until the PS5, and the Xbox Series X will be available on the market, but the next battle of the ongoing console war is already getting heated as fans of both sides champion the traits of their favorite console.

One developer who had the chance to interact with development kits for the two consoles has shared his opinion on a popular gaming and technology forum, stocking the flames of war.

The PS5 SSD is better

The developer discussed the SSDs used by the two consoles and mentioned that the solution selected by Microsoft does offer impressive performance, and it is a major upgrade in comparison to what has been available on the market in the past. However, he argued that the I/O used by the PS5 is a game-changer and completely different in comparison to what has been available on the market in the past.

Other industry figures have also praised the impressive SSD used by Sony for its upcoming console. According to a press statement offered by Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, the company was forced to rewrite a part of the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo code to take full advantage of the high-speed performance.

Speed versus raw power

Unlike Sony, Microsoft decided to focus on more power for the Xbox Series X, arguing that the next Xbox will be the most powerful console available on the market and that it should topple the performance offered by expensive gaming PCs with ease.

Both consoles are built by Sony and Microsoft with performance in mind, as both companies have boasted higher graphics quality, slower loading times, and other features that will attract old and customers towards their products.

Only time will tell which of the consoles could be better in some way or another, but for now, the PS5 seems to have the upper hand.

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