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The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be way cheaper than we ever expected

The OG Samsung Galaxy Fold costed just $20 shy of $2000, which made it one of the priciest smartphones of the whole decade. The price was simply outrageous even though it was the very first foldable phone in the world. However, the next iteration of Samsung’s foldable smartphone brings good news for those who don’t have some spare $2,000.

The price

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could cost less than half of its predecessor.

The big news comes from iNews24, a South Korean news site that suggest a sale price for the Galaxy Fold 2 between 1 million South Korean Won (which converts to roughly $860) and 1.5 million Won (which is about $1290).


The following Samsung Galaxy Fold device might have a lower price because of reduced specifications, for good reason: the original Fold had an array of six cameras. If you are a regular user, you might believe that a pair of lens is more than enough.

Form factor

It’s expected to see the following Samsung Galaxy Fold as a foldable clamshell hybrid (similar to the Motorola Razr). This form factor translates to a significantly reduced cost of manufacturing that lowers the final price significantly.

Trend setter

It is expected to see another foldable phone from Samsung introduced at Samsung Unpacked, which is their biggest event in the matter of revealing consumer electronics.

One thing is certain: If the regular Galaxy Fold 2 will come at an affordable (-ish) price, the cheaper version will be even more convenient.



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