The Samsung Galaxy S11 will debut under a different name

Samsung might be launching their S11 line of smartphones as the S20, a new report says. According to Samsung leaker Ice Universe, the smartphone we’ve been referring to as the Samsung Galaxy S11 might actually be introduced to the market like the Samsung Galaxy S20. This was all hinted by a tweet from the famous Samsung leaker.

What should we expect?

Even though the tweet isn’t completely clear, an extra report from WinFuture backs it up by revealing an even larger S20 Ultra model, an extra to the regular line-up from the Korean company.

It also turns out that Samsung won’t ship a successor to the amazing Galaxy S10e, which means that, instead of an S11e, S11 and S11 Plus we will be met with an S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra. 

The size of the screen will be increased, too. The screen size of the S20 will start at 6.2 inches. The Plus will feature a 6.7-inch screen and the Ultra will pack a palm-stretching screen that is sized 6.9 inches.

History repeats itself

This is not the first time when Samsung skips over a generation, and users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 know this very well.  However, this is the first time Samsung is skipping over a whole series of numbers, just like Huawei did with their P10 and Honor 10 lineups (when they jumped directly to 20).

Samsung might have chosen to avoid “weird” numbers for their flagship S-series for marketing reasons. The fact that 2020 is the year when their next model will be launched might give them an opportunity for a fresh start.

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