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The Sims 4 University Life Pack Available With Popular Entries

The Sims 4 is one of the most popular entries in the franchise and many fans continue to play the game even if some years have passed since it was first released.

Maxis, the developer behind the franchise, has been working hard on the development of several expansions and stuff packs, and a new one was released recently. The Realm of Magic update allows curious Sims to enter a strange portal and visit another universe where magic is real. Players can enhance their Sims with an assortment of powers, which are quite fun.

A popular rapper released an interesting message on a social platform, asking fans if they ever thought how his songs would sound in the language spoken by Sims, which is known as Simlish. A short video that accompanied the post featured the rapper in a studio while he recorded a song.

The message sparked debates among fans, with many believing that a new content pack will offer university-themed content pack. In a different message, the rapper stated that the guesses are right but didn’t offer any additional videos.

Other sources claim that a University Life pack has been in the making for a long while. Q4 is one of the best periods for selling video games, and, likely, EA will enjoy the chance to earn some extra cash by releasing one of the most anticipated expansions during the holiday season.

Some hope that the new expansion will also offer a new job as it was the case with the Moschino Stuff Pack, which includes the ability to become a photographer. According to some rumors, the upcoming expansion will allow players to become athletes, a profession that may be appreciated by some players.

Several content packs have been released for The Sims 4, and it is likely that more will be available in the future.



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