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The Truth Behind The Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack

Microsoft has started to accelerate the release of the Windows May 2020 (also known as version 2004) across a wider range of computers, which is a great boon for those who are looking forward to making use of the latest changes.

Eagle-eyed Windows users have made an interesting discovery as the update also includes the Windows Feature Experience Pack. The existence of this pack was observed for the first time in December 2019, but it seems that a stable build is now being shipped with the May 2020 update. It would seem right for Microsoft to share a few details about the scope and utility of the pack, but the Redmond giant has remained silent.

Keeping things a secret

Some technology news sites have sent inquires to Microsoft, asking the company to offer some more details about the elusive package, but Microsoft appears to be quite keen on keeping the information a secret for now, with the only answer being that there is nothing to share at this point.

This hasn’t stopped inquisitive outlets to pursue the topic, and a few unofficial investigations have offered interesting data about the feature.

Facilitating updates

Some surface investigations will reveal that the Windows Feature Experience Pack is listed as one of the Features on Demand for Windows 10 and Windows Server. Other names on this list are Notepad, Internet Explorer, Paint, PowerShell ISe , Quick Assist, and more.

The general consensus is that the new package will allow Microsoft to bundle and update features at a faster pace and more often in comparison to the main Windows 10 OS updates. A major trait is represented by the fact that the updates can be delivered via the Microsoft Store, while also allowing Microsoft to test them as a group.

Despite the current secrecy, Microsoft may opt to release an official announcement related to the package at a later date.



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