The Unbelievable Anomaly In The Microsoft Flight Simulator And Its Origin

The Microsoft Flight Simulator is an extremely addictive game. It is by no wonder the best flight simulator available on the market.

Players can’t get enough of it – The game’s world is vast, and the planes look beautiful, making the experience extremely pleasant.

However, just like it usually happens with games this big, some errors occurred. In this case, the failure led to a funny outcome!

The Error

If you ever flew (in-game) around Melbourne, Australia, in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you’ve likely noticed the intriguing 212-floor skyscraper, unnaturally tall and scarily narrow.

Many people reported the anomaly. Here are some images of it from Twitter user @alexandermuscat:

Though it looks ridiculous, many players like it and would fancy seeing it again!

Source Of The Problem

The online community worked tirelessly to discover the source of the problem.

The reason behind it was funny – a typo!

Nearly a year ago, someone mistakenly labeled a two-story building from OpenStreetMap as a 212-floor giant!

Developer Asobo Studio analyzed the data from the vast world map of Flight Simulator and discovered that, if the building were real, it would have been the tallest building ever!

Isn’t it impressive how a small typo can ruin a whole building? Thankfully, the error did not impact the way the game is played (unless you crashed into the building), and it is a fun reminder of the importance of digits!

If you haven’t received a patch for the issue, we suggest trying to land on the building! It could be fun!

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