The Vivo X50 Series is Now Available For Pre-order, Camera Specs Unveiled

Last year, almost all phone manufacturers focused on the gaming specs and features of their devices. 

This year, the camera skills are in the spotlight. And we can understand why. If you want to boost your device, it should flaunt not only a top-end camera but also have lots of innovations. Vivo seems to understand that, and now is launching its X50 series. Here is what you should know.

What We Should Expect From Vivo X50 Series’ Camera Specs

The Vivo X50 sports a 48MP primary camera – a custom sensor of the IMX598 – 13MP portrait, 8MP wide-angle, and 5MP macro lenses. The X50 Pro comes with a 48MP main camera (custom sensor of the IMX598), 13MP portrait, 8MP periscope telephoto lens, and 8MP wide-angle macro lenses. 

When these smartphones were announced, reports claimed that they’re focusing on unique video shooting skills. The series is launched with an image stabilization micro-cloud platform tech to offer 3D stabilization and 100 % overall setup stabilization. 

The Vivo X50 Series Extra Camera Features

The Vivo X50 series introduces professional portrait mode, super night scene, super macro mode, 60x super zoom, night backlight portrait, super wide-angle mode, starry sky mode, and more. However, the night scene portraits of the smartphones are the best. They can be used to optimize the face through the algorithm. Such a feature is very useful if the issue of underexposure of the face in the night scene occurs. 

At the same time, the recent Vivo series adds a 50mm professional portrait lens. This feature can use algorithms to provide fine-tunning of the face area, keep the true texture of the skin, and still make incredible skin tones under multiple light sources. 

The Vivo X50 lineup brings, too, the movie portrait feature. It can highlight the character’s blurred background, blur the video, and keep the character’s initial hue. 

Currently, the smartphones can be pre-ordered online, and on June 6, they will be available for purchase.

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