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The Xbox Series S May Have A Great Edge

A new console war will be sparked into existence in a few months as Xbox and PlayStation fans will race to get the new console models and start debates about which is better. Both companies have strived to deliver impressive products, but it seems that Microsoft may have a major ace.

A reliable source that has shared accurate information related to Microsoft products in the past has announced that Xbox Series S, which is being developed under the codename of Project Lockhart, will sport a CPU which as fast as the one present on the Series X.

Fast but maybe not as powerful

While CPU may be clocked at the same frequency, but according to the source, it may not be as powerful since it will feature a lower number of control units. It is already known that the Xbox Series X is more powerful than the PS5, and it seems that Xbox Series S could be on par with Sony’s device.

This could be an important factor fr many potential buyers since the Xbox Series S will be more affordable than the PS5, even if the Digital Edition is taken into account.  However, a lower amount of RAM could be a major drawback for the performance of the Series S.


According to current information, the Xbox Series X and PS5 will come with 16GB of built-in RAM, while Series S will only feature 7.5GB. Such an amount is good enough for a 1440p experience but 4K capabilities are unlikely.

The PS5 Digital Edition has sacrificed the Blu-ray disc drive on the altar of affordability, but the actual prices of the upcoming consoles remain a mystery for now. Microsoft may choose the announce Xbox Series S officially later in July, during an upcoming exclusive event. Until then, take any rumor with a grain of salt to avoid potential disappointments.



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