There won’t be any always-on 120Hz refresh for the Samsung Galaxy S20, but that’s not necessarily bad!

It’s pretty much confirmed that Samsung will double its flagship phone displays’ refresh rate (compared to last fall) since such an option was discovered in a hidden menu of the 20 beta update for the OneUI.

However, this is not necessarily going to represent the future of Samsung’s flagships. Even though some leaked firmware code revealed 120Hz for the Galaxy S20 displays, details about the resolution of the screen still remain unknown.

The sad truth

It turned out that the Samsung Galaxy S20 series might have parted ways with the 120Hz refresh rate at full display resolution and only left it as a default setting for the higher-end models.

There is a very significant downside to every single 120Hz display out there: The effect on the device’s autonomy. The new firmware even warns users that a screen constantly refreshing at 120Hz uses a lot of power.

This might be the sole reason why Samsung chose to ditch the option for an always-on 120Hz display.

Possible modifications

Readers should take all the provided information with a grain of salt, as the leaker who provided the information seems to randomly change their mind, so it’s not safe to assume that they are a totally reliable source. One thing is certain: We will learn whether there will be an option for an always-on 120Hz mode for the Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup or not very soon!

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