Those Who Remain PS4 is a Stale, Predictable Reimagination

It has been over two decades since Konami released the original version of its classic game, Those Who Remain. Unfortunately, the game does not have that much of a fanbase left, and it would take too much effort to breathe life back into this atmospheric horror.

Those Who Remain keeps you on the edge of your seat from the very start. The protagonist, Edward Turner, arrives at a seedy motel during the night in order to meet a young woman with whom he is cheating on his wife. He is feeling guilty and the atmosphere at the motel adds to the surrealism of the situation. Someone steals Edward’s car from the parking lot and, while trying to catch up with the thief, he realizes that he is being followed by a number of blue-eyed, sinister beings from the dark. Edward decides to go to the nearby town of Dormont while trying to stay away from the dark, as the creatures will drive him mad if he does that.

The motel and the surrounding area give off an interesting vibe, but the game disappoints soon afterward. Problems are clear since the first puzzle of the game. Important items glow, but they are hidden in awkward places, which leads to a “search every single drawer” type of gameplay, instead of offering interactive, entertaining puzzles.

Edward’s journey does not seem to make any sense, as the protagonist simply progresses without any logic. There is no sense of place, and the entire setting of the game feels dead. The protagonist himself is awfully designed. His statements about his actions vary from terror to chill wisecracks, without any transitions.

Overall, Those Who Remain does not provide an immersive experience. The psychological horror formula it uses is so stale, it is almost crumbling. It offers only the occasional glimmers of imagination, and it is a shame that this good story went to waste.

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