Tim Cook Invested In a Shower Head – But Why?

It’s rare to see Tim Cook invest money and time in products that don’t have an Apple logo on them. However, when he tried a prototypal showerhead at his local gym approximately five years ago, he decided to make an exception.

The man behind the idea

Philip Winter, who helped create the showerhead (called Nebia), recalled moving to San Francisco back in 2014 to kickstart his project.
The showerhead is unique because it sprays water in a very economical matter that still keeps people warm. It is built out of materials like aluminum, and it is designed in such a way that it could easily be associated with Apple.

Winter kept persuading gyms in Silicon Valley to run pilot tests to develop the product. One morning, he installed the showerhead and waited outside locker rooms to get feedback. Then he met Tim Cook, who was at the gym in Palo Alto, California, where he used to work out most mornings.

The numbers

Cook was pleased by the environmental aspect of the showerhead, and Winter decided to ask him if he was interested in investing. The CEO was happy to do so, despite the crude looks of the product. That happened because there hadn’t been much recent innovation in the shower market.

The Nebia startup managed to raise about $ million in total, according to Crunchbase, which is impressive because we are talking about a showerhead.

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