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Tips to Enable Edge Lighting on Android Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S10 got a sleek setting dubbed “Edge Lighting.” This update was brought on the Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10. If you enable the “Edge Lighting” setting on your Android smartphone, you’ll notice how the edges of the display lighten up whenever you get a notification.

The more charming aspect is that Samsung offers modification options to those who want to change the Edge Lighting feature. So, you can pick which apps you desire to use Edge Lighting. Currently, this update is limited to only curve edges devices, but you can still get the feature for any Android smartphone.

How to Enable Edge Lighting On Android

To enable the Edge Lighting update on your device, you can use the Edge Lighting: Notification app. With this app, you can turn on the feature with customization. First, access the Play Store and search for the Edge Lighting: Notification app. Download it and install it. After the installation, open the app. You will observe a pop-up message asking you for permission. Grant for all the support and then turn on the “Display Lighting effect” setting.

You will have to choose from two Effect styles options, the Galaxy and the Flashing one. Pick your favorite. As for the colors, you can select Solid colors or Mix colors. Moreover, customize it as you want with various settings such as the Duration, Thickness, or Speed. In the notification area, you can pick certain apps to be shown on the notification bar. This app is the easiest way to get your Edge Lighting feature.

The Edge Lighting allows you to display up to five most frequently utilized apps. Such a thing will let you access them more quickly. The edge panel runs when the smartphone is in standby mode. You can add functions you like the most or some shortcuts to apps, as well.



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