To Celebrate its 8th Anniversary, The MMORPG Wartune is Releasing Patch 10.0

If you’re reluctant about online role-playing games that are two-dimensional, you can always count on Wartune. Free-to-play and addictive beyond belief, Wartune brings the player into a dark fantasy world where he can be an archer, mage, or knight. The goal is to save the world from perpetual war, but the player has to do everything he can to be successful with his army: train his troops, build his own castle, and much more.

You should never worry that you won’t get to prevail in Wartune. You also have the chance to collaborate with players from all over the world for a common purpose. Developed by 7th Road and published by R2Games and Proficient City, Wartune is now getting even more interesting along with the arrival of Patch 10.0. This move comes as a celebration of the 8th anniversary of the RPG.

Beware of the Supreme Leader

The Supreme Leader is a new type of gameplay that unfolds in Wartune along with the new 10.0 Patch. And if you’re passionate about chess, you’ll definitely love this new feature.

The Supreme Leader works by offering the two battle modes PVP and PVE. Players can battle against each other or bosses by choosing 5 different heroes who will have at their disposal 5 different features. You can’t prevail in this new type of gameplay if you’re not willing to use both tactics and strategy.

But the good news is far from over when it comes to Patch 10.0 of Wartune. The update also brings discounted item packs, special themed fashion suits, and more. Players who want to increase their powers can now get their hands on The Legendary Devil’s Pearls.

Patch 10.0 for Wartune even brings a nice-looking mini client refreshed gameplay that you are free to download. Don’t worry, the old content hasn’t gone away either! You’ll still get the chance of choosing from 3 distinct classes, adjust your tactics for defeating hordes of enemies, and even seek for supernatural help. By summoning mighty warriors and mystical creatures to help you in battle, they can provide tremendous support.

While playing Wartune, you can also get your friends to help you and clear multiplayer dungeons together. You can also prove your solidarity to your allies while getting involved in massive Guild Battles.

Released in 2012, Wartune received the Facebook Staff Favorites award in 2013 and Facebook’s Top Asian Game Award in 2014.  If you’re willing to learn even more about this amazing MMORPG, you can always visit the links below.

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