Top 3 Action-Adventure Video Games of 2019

Another year is almost over. Gamers enjoyed lots of new titles in 2019, with some of them being better than others. Below you can find the top three action-adventure games of 2019, along with an excellent honorable mention that shouldn’t be skipped.

Top 3 Action-Adventure Video Games of 2019

A worthy runner-up: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

FromSoftware offered a new challenge in the form of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a fast-paced action game that retained some of the roots, which made the Dark Souls series a hit. Players explore a beautiful take on Feudal Japan, filled with impressive vistas, masterful enemies, and deadly challenges that test both skill and strategy.

Downing, a boss offers a remarkable feeling of satisfaction, and a robust progression system provides a rich selection of skills and tricks.

Third Place: Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

After years of drought, a new Stars Wars video game took the world by storm, surprising many gamers that expected another licensed disappointment.

The game took some cues from franchises like Dark Souls and Metroid and blended them in an exciting gaming experience that offers a great challenge without being unfair. Exploration is a crucial part of the game, and new Force powers can be used to beat problems that weren’t available during the earlier stages. The combat is stellar, and boss battles are incredible.

Second Place: Devil May Cry 5

The iconic series returns to life with style as Devil May 5 returns with jaw-dropping action sequences and the long combos.

Players will take control of Dante, Nero, and V, each with their playstyle and a vast collection of weapons at their disposal. Slaughtering demons never felt so good!

First Place: Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima returns with a masterpiece that has to be played since the experience is bizarre that words fail to explain it. Become a Porter in a post-apocalyptic world and deliver packages across the remnants of the United States. The conclusion is memorable, and Kojima manages to reinvent a genre with new twists.

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