Top 3 Best Free Android Keyboard Apps

Many users are happy with the default Android keyboard application. However, that doesn’t mean that the stock keyboard is the most productive app. Therefore, some developers rolled out their own Android keyboard apps, and here are the best ones out there, for increased productivity.

Typing is the most common activity on smartphones. We use to type when chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp, as well as when we send an SMS. But, while the stock keyboard apps are reliable options, many third-party applications are more enjoyable and much better than the default apps.

Top 3 Best Free Android Keyboard Apps


This is one of the best Android keyboard apps out there. If you’re already an Android user, you may be familiar with this application. SwiftKey sports swipe input, key-by-key predictions, and lots of other exciting features.

The Android SwiftKey application also comes with GIFs and stickers for a more enjoyable typing experience. Even more, users can use their personal videos and pics to create unique GIFs and, respectively, stickers.


Gboard is Google’s Android keyboard application. It is a straightforward and easy-to-use app and does its job with perfection. It brings a modern aspect and also comes with speech-to-text features, permitting users to write messages by simply using their voice.

This is one of the best Android keyboard apps out there, and it is the default application for Nexus and Pixel devices. Gboard also memorizes whatever your type and gives you suggestions as you write.

Cheetah Keyboard

Cheetah Keyboard is probably the most popular third-party application for the keyboard on Android. It brings lots of customization options and a series of exciting features that boost your experience with the app.

As it is one of the best Android keyboard apps in the market, Cheetah Keyboard must come with some unique feats. It has 3D reactions, prediction functions, speech-to-text, and DIY themes, among other features.

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