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Top 3 Best Illustrator Alternatives

If you’re looking for the best alternatives for Illustrator, you came to the right place. We know how popular it is, and we understand how important it is to find a tool that can get the work done. Here’s a list of the best three Illustrator alternatives.

Best Illustrator Alternatives


If you want a vector drawing program, then this is your choice. But keep in mind that you need to use a Mac. It was first launched in 2010, and it has a strong focus on icon design and UI. You might not want to use it in order to create intricate illustrations or art, because it does not have all the features that, for example, Illustrator has. Its interface is user-friendly, and the UI design is quick and easy.

Its license costs $99, and it comes with one year of free updates. After your license has expired, you can still use the app, but for the latest updates, you will need to renew your subscription.

Gravit Designer

This one is good if you are a Linux or a Chromebook user. This tool allows you to work on many design tasks, such as UI, illustration and screen design, also logo design and printed artwork. Many of its features are similar to those on Illustrator – it even comes with the freehand drawing tool, which smooths the paths when you draw.

You can use it directly from your browser or as an app, from Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS, or Linux. You can save your work in the .gvdesign format; you are also able to export it as PNG, SVG, PDV, and JPEG. The free version is good, but you might want to pay for a Pro subscription, which costs £75 a year for all of the advantages.

Affinity Designer

This one is full of features and very powerful; it was made for professional designers. Its one-off purchase price – £48.99 – is fair, and it’s cheaper than the Illustrator subscription.

It works faster than Illustrator, and it can do pretty much what Illustrator does, as well. It can import and export AI and PSD files. Affinity Designer also has the ability to switch between vector workspaces and raster from the same tool. You get unlimited re-does and one-million plus zoom.



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