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Top 4 Best VR Games of 2019

Since the beginning of the VR, everyone was fascinated and excited about the simulated games and experience you can have in the virtual world. Because the games are leading this segment as well, we have thought that you should know which the best VR games are for this year that we are closing rapidly. Judging by the best experiences felt while playing those games, we have a list of four games.

Top 4 Best VR Games of 2019

Asgard’s Wrath

The game is an action RPG with a long story, unique features, complex missions, the deep meaning of the story, and captivating battles. The game was developed especially for the VR, so you will have a full experience while playing it. The game is taking you in multiples worlds, and your missions will be to find items and enter certain areas, while battling with enemies, of course. We recommend Asgard’s Wrath if you want a complete VR experience and a great design.

Everybody’s Golf

The game is not new, but it’s still one of the best VR games of 2019. It was called previously Hot Shots Golf, and it is perfect for the sports fans. If you want a challenging game and to learn something new, then you should give it a try. You must learn the basic game, learn how to shoot, how to deal with the wind and perfect your swinging. The design of the game is lovely, with different backgrounds, which will offer you a full experience.

Ghost Giant

The story of the game is interesting, profound, and heartwarming. You will have a friend, Louis, which is leading you in different areas. During your trip with Louis, you will see that everything is like a puzzle, and the story addresses themes like mental health. The feeling that you have in this game makes everything unique. Thanks to the great story and the interactions you will have with your friend Louis.

Blood and Truth

The game is proof that action movies can become VR games. The story happens in London, where you must take care of the gangsters. So the experiences of running, shooting, reloading, leaping, and climbing are the best. Blood and Truth is one of the best VR games of 2019, at least the best that can offer you the action hero feeling.



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