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Top 5 Best Android Widgets to Customize Your Smartphone

If you’re getting bored with your device’s homescreen, there might be some ways to make it more appealing to your desires. Even if it’s about brightness, weather, or volume, here are some top 5 picks for the best Android widgets.

Top 5 Best Android Widgets to Customize Your Smartphone

Seven Time

Get a new, stylish clock widget for your device’s homescreen with Seven Time. It’s fully resizable, meaning that you can drag and drop to crop the size and shape that fits better to your device. The default free design is resembling a Star Trek Samsung design. You can change it to the paid variant and pick it from a big library of many looks. Try Seven Time on Google Play Store!

Slider Widget

Get yourself a sleek slider bar for your device’s homescreen. From media, call volume, alarm, and brightness, and vibrate mode. You can have different sliders for all of those, or for as many as you want. The widget can ca as small or as wide as you want it, and it will blend in on your homescreen perfectly. Check the Slider Widget on Google Play Store!


Accuweather is an excellent weather app, and its widget is even better! You can pick from the size and brightness or darkness to design your homescreen. From the slightest 1×1 widget, which displays only a region title, the current temp, and a small icon for the current weather, to the biggest with a full 3-day forecast, there’s indeed the best weather widget for your homescreen with Accuweather.

Sticky Note

If you want the best Sticky Note widget, this is the perfect one. Drop it on your homescreen, customize the size and design it as you like it. Check out the Simple Sticky Note from Play Store!

Battery Widget

Get yourself a small, yet sleek battery widget for your homescreen. You can easily see the current battery percentage, and one of the most helpful things, the actual temperature of your battery. Try out Battery Widget from Google Play Store!



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