Top Cydia Mods For iOS 12 and iOS 13 in 2020

Jailbreaking your Apple device is one of the best ways to escape Apple’s imposed restrictions and unlock your device’s true potential.

However, that might affect performance because users install software from unknown or untrusted sources.

However, once you accept that risk, you can go ahead and enhance the experience your device offers.

New users tend to get lost among the thousands of Cydia tweaks available.

Cydia is a software distribution service where you can search for and download “tweaks” that modify certain aspects of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch on functional or aesthetic levels.

If you are confused, too, we will guide you through the top tweaks you can install on your Apple device!


PowerDown is a tweak that works on the iOS 10.2 Jailbreak.

The default “Slide to power off” option isn’t enough for some people, so, with this mode, you can add three new sliders below the regular power off one – reboot, safe mode, and respring.


CallBar is another Cydia tweaks compatible with iOS 12 jailbreak. It displays incoming calls as a banner at the top of the screen, like on Android devices. The feature will also be introduced in some form via future iOS updates.

Colour Badges

Vanilla iOS doesn’t allow you to customize how notification badges are displayed. However, with BadgeColors, you can color-match all your badge notifications to the app icons they sit on top of.


AppDrawer takes an Android feature and adds it to iOS! With AppDrawer, you can see all of your installed apps by bringing it up!

The advantage of AppDrawer is that you don’t have to store all the installed apps on the home screen.


DeleteForever is a feature that should be available on all iOS devices!

With DeleteForever, you can completely wipe photos with one swoop instead of deleting it from the photo folder and then deleting it again from the Recently Deleted folder.


iWidgets is one of the top solutions to customize your iPhone.

The name is self-explanatory – with iWidgets, you can add widgets to the lock screen!


FlipControlCenter works on iOS 10.2, and it enhances the standard control center.

It allows users to add/remove custom toggles.

FlipControlCentre adds the much-sought feature to jailbroken iOS devices. Haven’t you ever wanted to rearrange toggles in the control center?

Additionally, FlipControlCenter lets you rearrange apps on the lower side of the control center.

The mod also features some neat options to customize the number of toggles on a page according to device orientation.

Auxo 3

Auxo 3 is compatible with iOS 12 jailbroken devices. It is used for multitasking.

Its components are the multi-center, hot corners, and quick switcher.

Multi-Center turns the control center to an extra card like other apps from the multitasking panel.

The Quick Switcher simplifies switching between apps by just pulling a finger.

Hot Corners provides quicker navigation in the app switcher, lock screen, and home screen.

Home Gesture

Home Gesture is one of the most exciting iOS 12 jailbreak tweaks.

It brings iPhone X gesture navigation to older Apple smartphones.

You can access multitasking by swiping up, and you can open the control center with a downward swipe from the top right corner of the smartphone.

To enter the passcode from the lock screen, users only have to swipe up!


AVLock works on iOS 11.3.1 jailbroken devices. It adds a rotation lock button in the video player interface of iOS 11, making it more convenient.

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