Top five reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S10 is better than the Google Pixel 4

Google’s Pixel lineup of phones is a bit of a refresh in the world of Android phones that we got so acquainted with over the course of past years. Its target is to become a serious rival to high level devices, like the Samsung Galaxy series. While neither the Google Pixel 4 nor the Galaxy S10 are perfect, here is a short list of some reasons why the Galaxy S10 is the better phone out of the two:


When it comes to the design of smartphones, it all resumes to the taste of the user, but analytics revealed that people tend to prefer the Galaxy S10 thanks to its slick design and unique camera layout.

Battery autonomy

For some people, the autonomy of a phone’s battery is a fundamental factor when choosing a model, and tests revealed that the Galaxy S10’s battery outperforms the one on the Google Pixel significantly.


While the pictures taken by the Pixel might look overall better, the phone lacks versatility: it comes with only two camera options: regular and zoomed lens. On the other hand, the Galaxy S10 features an additional ultra wide mode, which is extremely useful in certain situations.

Headphone jack

Using your favorite pair of headphones is easier on the Galaxy S10 because it comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack which the Pixel simply doesn’t have.


The Galaxy S10’s storage starts from 128GB while the Pixel 4 offers a modest 64 GB of storage for the starting model.

However, even though the technical data hints that the Galaxy S10 is the better device, potential buyers should test both of them prior to making their mind so that they actually pick the device that fits them best.

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