Top Games Revealed for Xbox Series X

If you’ve been wondering what games you’ll be playing on Xbox Series X if you buy the upcoming console, then you’re not alone. Microsoft’s next gaming console will arrive near Christmas time, and we knew already that it would feature backward compatibility for some of Xbox One dedicated games.

But what are the main titles that will be running on the next-generation console? As some thrilling titles had been revealed recently, we’re proud to present you with our top picks. The creators of the upcoming Xbox console had revealed 11 new games for the console, and all of them are worth playing.

Top Games Revealed for Xbox Series X

Second Extinction

If you’re excited by the idea of shooting dinosaurs that are trying to kill you then this is the game for you. The description says it all:

“Second Extinction is an intense 3 player co-op FPS, where you work as a team to take down large groups of savage mutated dinosaurs. Fight through a maelstrom of bullets, bombs, teeth, claws, and gore, it’s up to you to reclaim Earth!”

Bright Memory Infinite

This can easily be considered an action open-world game, where you can use your guns, fists, and even jump into a car to head away from danger. And of course, the graphics look absolutely stunning! As the description says:

“Combine a wide variety of skills and abilities to unleash dazzling combo attacks. Bright Memory: Infinite is set in a sprawling, futuristic metropolis in the year 2036.”

Scarlet Nexus

This one is for anime fans, as it also showcases a futuristic environment. Your job as a player is to fight off an invincible threat known as Others. You’ll have to deal with both high-end technologies and psychic abilities.

These are our top picks, and we can’t wait to see the games running on Xbox Series X.

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