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Top Remote Desktop Solutions For Android Smartphones

Technology is amazing. Gone are the days when downloading a song took tens of minutes or even hours. Nowadays, we have various devices available at all times, capable of wonderful things.

However, owning so many devices has a problem. There are devices that you carry around, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. There are other, less portable devices like desktop computers and all-in-one PCs that you have no choice but to leave at home. What do you do when you are on the go and need to access a file from a computer at home? Easy! You use a remote desktop app.

Here are our top picks for remote desktop apps:

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Splashtop Remote Desktop is one of the fastest and most popular remote desktop apps. It features a set of exceptional features, including access to up to five different computers, with real-time audio and video. Also, the app can stream 3D and flash games.

TeamViewer For Android

TeamViewer is one of the most reliable and popular desktop apps. It grants users permission to access and share their desktops, regardless of the operating system they are using.

The app features both a free and a paid version. The free version is more than enough to assist friends while on-the-go.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is yet another popular remote desktop solution. Its advantage is obvious – It is based on Google Chrome’s extension mechanics. You only need to add the designated Remote Desktop extension for Chrome on your PC, and you are good to go. To access your desktop remotely, you must open Chrome on your Android device and type a designated URL. The newly opened page gives you a list of desktops to choose from.



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