Top Six Minecraft Bedrock Seeds – Next Awesome Adventure

Minecraft Bedrock seeds allow players across most platforms to try the best Minecraft worlds in which they plan to start their next adventure.

However, it can get a bit frustrating when you want to start in a specific environment, but the game places you in another and has to keep restarting.

We will present to you our top picks of Minecraft seeds. You will indeed find one to suit your taste!

Village Roof Spawn

If you want to spawn very close to a village, this is the best you got – This seed spawns you practically on top of a village hut. Setting up is extremely easy, thanks to that advantage.

Seed: 2034376196

Every Biome

This seed looks like any other at first. However, if you analyze it a bit, you’ll notice that the spawn point is only a few steps away from about all biomes in Minecraft – Hills, Desert, Swamp, Savanna.

Seed: -433664663

Big Island

Are you a fan of Islands? Look no further! This seed features a relatively flat, huge starting island.

It looks impressive, and it has enormous potential. Imagine building a castle on an island!

However, the downside to this is that you have to find some wood elsewhere first.

Seed: -298567655

Forest Villages

This seed is excellent if you want to set up quickly and start mining right away.

It spawns you next to two typical villages full of loot. Trees are heavily available, and the scenery looks nice.

Seed: -850418298

Extreme Hills Island

This seed spawns players on a coast where they can get loot like wood, stone, chickens, and sugarcane rapidly before swimming over to the impressive extreme Hills island.

Seed: -171182221

Picturesque Mesa

This is by far the most pleasant biome to look at. It stretches out almost as far as the render distance. You spawn on the border between grass and Mesa, so there are many nearby trees.

Seed: -2076244187

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