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Top smartphone apps of the decade

The year 2020 will mark the end of the current decade. Time passed: Only 9 years ago, Android smartphones were a relatively new concept. And the way we download apps today was yet to become mainstream.

Apps are an essential part of our lives. Back in 2008 the first iterations of Google Play (or Android Market) and iOS App Store were introduced. And ever since then, millions of apps were added. This article will discuss some of the best smartphone apps of the past decade, in no particular order.

Top smartphone apps of the last decade


Everybody knows what Instagram is. The app has changed a lot since its initial 2010 release, and it quickly became a part of people’s lives. Many people open Instagram as soon as they wake up to check for new stories and pictures. It silently changed people’s habits. We all know that one person who can’t eat without posting a picture of their food on Instagram. We also know that one person who posts stories wherever they go (even if it’s an exotic holiday resort or some mundane location).

Instagram currently registers about 1 billion users monthly, cementing its place as one of the top smartphone apps of the last decade. The social media app quickly became the place for influencers, commercials, and communities alike.

Google Maps / Apple Maps

The two apps are the most popular navigation tools in the world. Thanks to the duo, gone are the days when drivers needed to ask random people for directions when they got lost. The apps are arguably better than built-in car navigation systems because they are constantly updated. As they rely on the internet for information, users can search for hotels, gas stations, and other points of interest, while the “traditional” sat-navs required an exact address in order to begin navigating.

Utilizing these apps is very intuitive, and they are extremely reliable as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Apple Maps used to be a laughing stock because it was extremely unreliable at launch. But it was optimized over the years and now works just as well as Google Maps.


Music is a crucial part of our lives. A good song might make it seem like time passes faster. And we all know that feeling when we experience a certain mood and the song that comes on is right on point… purely mesmerizing.

Many music streaming services were founded after 2010. Lots of people can recall the names Deezer, SoundCloud, or Apple Music. However, it turns out that  Spotify is the people’s choice when it comes to music streaming services. Spotify looks fresh, works like a charm, and is very affordable, while also providing superior audio quality.

Believe it or not, Spotify was founded way back in 2011. It’s crazy how time flies. 


Ridesharing services were a true revolution in the world of people’s transportation. Instead of the typical taxi, users of the app had access to a range of modern cars and even some premium ones for a very convenient price, comparable to cab pricing.

Apps like Uber and Lyft changed the way we travel and made people believe in ridesharing. 

Angry Birds

There was a time when having a phone which had Angry Birds installed automatically made you the coolest person in the room. The game quickly blew up after launch, and it was the base for what would become the Angry Birds Franchise. It’s impressive to think that a simple phone game spawned two movies and many sequels. The latest addition to the franchise is Angry Birds AR.

It might feel nostalgic to think that these apps date back to the time when the average smartphone was easily usable with a single hand.



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