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Tor Browser Update 68.0.1 Alpha Comes With New Bug Fixes

Since the early days of its existence, the internet has been a profitable field for nefarious individuals who resort to a large number of tricks to steal valuable data from internet users and sell it towards the highest bidder. Such transactions can be quite profitable, especially when vulnerable targets are found.

The use of a secure browser on your mobile device is a must in this day and age, and one of the best choices is represented by the Tor Browser, which is the only mobile browser that is based on the excellent security features of the popular Tor Project, which is renowned across the world.

Block all trackers

Tor Browser can identify the trackers which are present on third party websites and isolate them to ensure that no one can follow your activity. Cookie files will be deleted automatically when you close the app. This means that sites that rely on targeted advertising will not be able to learn your preferences and use them for personalized ads.

Privacy is an essential part of browsing the internet, and the Tor Browser has been optimized with confidentiality in mind. It doesn’t matter if you use a Wi-Fi or Mobile data connection as the only thing that is visible is the fact that you are using the Tor Browser.

Advanced security

A combination of multilayered encryption systems will encrypt your data three times as it travels across the Tor Network. The process is done with the help of servers run by Tor volunteers across the world, a system that is focused on keeping data anonymous as even the server hosts can’t access the data which passes through them.

With the help of a smart anti-fingerprint system, the Tor Network makes all the devices that are connected to it to look the same, which complicates the task of tracking down individual devices through millions of active connections.

The 68.10.1 update comes with several bug fixes.



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