Trending App Zynn Is Accused Of Stealing Content

At the start of May, a new app started to rise on the trending apps charts, outperforming popular video apps like YouTube and Instagram. A quick glance will reveal that Zynn is a carbon-copy of TikTok, with both being developed and offered by popular Chinese technology companies.

In an attempt to accelerate the growth of the user base, Zynn is paying new uses a small amount of money to watch content featured on the platform and invite other people to join. The strategy appears to be quite effective as Zynn has been downloaded more than three million times and is a hit on the App Store.

Bumpy Road

However, it appears that the app is being affected by a few issues. Google has decided to pull the app from the Google Play Store, and a link that led to a listing of the app will take the user to a dead end.

The move has attracted Apple’s attention, and a spokesperson for the company has already stated that the app is being investigated, with more information about a potential decision coming at a later date. Two official social media account of Zynn acknowledged the removal from the Play Store, and the situation is being discussed with Google representatives.

Accused of stealing content

While paying new users to access the platform is far from being new, it appears that less-savory tactics are being used to boost the interest and attract those who aren’t interested in potential monetary gains.

There are several reports of content that are being stolen from Instagram, TikTok, or other video-sharing platforms and uploaded under generic theme accounts on Zynn. There are also copy-cat accounts who pretend to be associated with the content creators, but that is not the case. Some have argued that the accounts are made by scammers who want to earn quick cash. It remains to be seen if Zynn will handle the issues in one way or another.

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