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TubeMate YouTube Downloader Version 3 3.3.5 Available with a Fast and Reliable Performance

TubeMate is one of the quickest and most famous YouTube downloaders!

It helps users download videos from YouTube to watch them offline without waiting for them to buffer.

TubeMate gained popularity thanks to its simplicity and its fast and reliable performance.

Current Version

The latest version of TubeMate (3.3.5) does not feature any patch notes, so that we will talk about the latest ones, from version 3.2.10.

The new version features a fast download mode, with multiple connections for a download. You can now download videos in various resolution options.

Also, the app now supports background and multi-downloads.

There is the option to resume downloading.

TubeMate’s New Version Has A Convert to Mp3 Option

The developers finally introduced the convert to mp3 option, based on the MP3 Media Converter, which helps users download and store music a lot easier.

The YouTube search and related video suggestions have been improved.

TubeMate lets you access, share, search, and download YouTube videos easier than ever.

The download process happens in the background, which means that you can go on watching your favorite clips on YouTube, surf the web, tweet, or whatever else you want to do!

How Do I Get the Latest Version of TubeMate?

To get the latest version of TubeMate, visit

The TubeMate app isn’t officially available on Google Play, so the only ways you can get it are either from the developer’s official website or from a third-party app market.

However, we recommend getting the app and any updates from the developer’s website, as it is safer since it’ll give you a general idea/security of the website you download the app or the update from.

Downloading apps and updates from unknown, third-party app markets can result in performance issues or even infesting your device with viruses or malware.



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