Tumblr Beta Is Now Available With Improvements

One of the greatest boons offered by the internet resides in the ability to find and interact with other people that share your tastes and ideas.

Since the spread of broadband internet access in the 2000s, a large number of social media platforms have appeared, with each of them trying to offer a specific something that will keep users interested and willing to visit the service for a long time.

While some of the older social networks have vanished from the grid, others continue to remain popular as millions of people visit and enjoy their features each day. One of the most popular ones is Tumblr, a renowned micro-blogging and image-sharing platform that allows users to share and discuss content in a seamless manner.

Users can upload a wide variety of media content on the platform, among which we can count beautiful photos, funny GIFS, creative texts, fascinating live videos, surprising audio files, and much more.

Tumblr Beta Brings Enhancements

There is also the option to create custom GIFs on Tumblr, and cover them and enhance them with the help of texts and stickers.

Tumblr was designed from the ground up to offer a personal experience that sets it apart from the clinical and standard look of other social media platforms. Users have the liberty to customize a variety of aspects, including the background color of their page, favorite fonts, layouts, and other exciting aspects.

The platform houses a surprising amount of exciting and original content. You may find a piece of fanart that can rival expensive paintings, a page dedicated to a topic so obscure that a dictionary may be needed or a welcoming community that offers valuable tips for your hobby.

Sharing something that is interesting or impressive is easy with the help of the Reblog feature. A dedicated messaging feature will also offer the ability to talk with other Tumblr users and form new friendships. The latest update, Tumblr Beta, comes with new bug fixes and performance improvements.

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