Twitch Experiment Annoys Viewers And Streamers

Since the dawn of the internet, ads have made their way into the virtual space, trying to impress internet users into buying certain products. Users have fought against an increasing number of ads with ad-blockers, leading to heated races.

Many websites rely on ads to pay their bills and provide access to relevant, interesting features. Ad-blockers prevent websites from earning revenue and lead to the development of additional methods to disseminate ads even when an ad-blocker is being used.

Testing the waters

Twitch is one of the most popular websites that rely on ads, and the platform has tested a new approach that made a lot of users angry. An update for the website targeted the popular UBlcok extension, as those who use it received a message about website performance issues every 10 or 20 minutes during a stream.

According to the Twitch spokesperson, the message was displayed because ad-blockers can affect the code used by the website. It was also underlined that this was an experiment, and there are no plans to target users who rely on ad-blockers in a specific way, a statement that brought calm to some heated debates.

A matter of ads

While other websites place ads on the corners or beneath or above relevant content, Twitch places them right in front of users. Anyone who wants to watch a stream but isn’t subscribed to the channel will have to watch a small ad while the stream loads.

Streamers also have the option to use other software to run ads during streams, and Twitch has no control over that as it is their right as content creators to advertise sponsors if they want to, as long as certain rules are respected.

At the end, when ads are blocked, Twitch and streamers lose money, and both have the interest to keep them going even if some users don’t like them.

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