Twitter Tests Audio Tweets on iOS

Twitter has remained one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and it is enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people. Many have credited its success to the fact that it has always managed to adapt the latest trends in a manner that pleases old and new users alike.

In the old days users who wanted to share their thoughts on the planet were limited to 140 characters per post. This limited was boosted to 280 characters for non-Asian languages a few years ago, allowing users to share complex thoughts or ideas without the need to share too many posts in a short time.

A new way to interact  with others

A new feature will be available for a handful of iOS users, who will now have the option to share audio tweets on their feed. While the feature is limited to a low number of users, for now, it should be released globally in the following weeks.

The new feature is quite easy to use. Users start by writing a regular tweet and have the option to record and share an audio clip with the help of the app.

More dynamic

An official blog post accompanies the announcement of the new feature offering a few details. It notes that over the years, Twitter has strived to add new features that allow users to share personalized content that makes their tweets unique. In some cases, the text isn’t enough as some nuances of a message can be lost, leading to confusion.

Audio tweets will increase the human aspect of tweets by allowing users to use their voice directly and convey longer messages in a natural way. Audio clips will be limited to 140 seconds by default, but if a user continues to speak, a new clip will start automatically, and it will be threaded under the original one, ensuring an even flow. The feature may come to the web and Android versions at a later date.

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