Two Cosmic Objects Are Linked By An Unexpected Phenomenon

A team of international researchers made a fascinating discovery. The researchers observed that a supermassive black hole and a cloud of cosmic gas which are linked by a gamma-ray heartbeat despite the fact that there is a distance of more than 100 light-years between them.

The black hole is located at a distance of 15,000 light-years away from Earth and orbits a micro-quasar system, which is known as SS 433. Quasars are incredibly bright galactic nucleus that has a supermassive black hole in their center, and SS433 seems to be a toned-down version.

Moving and feeding

The two objects complete orbits around each other in less than two weeks. The black hole draws major benefits from this arrangement as it attracts material from the accretion disc. Some of the matter isn’t absorbed, and it is ejected at high velocity over and under the accretion disc.

Due to its position, the accretion disc tends to sway allowing the two jets to escape into space instead of being beamed out. The wobble of the jets will last for 165 days as the jets travel freely through the void.

Unusual link

Astronomers have detected a gamma-ray pulse released by cosmic gas cloud within the same time frame as the jets from SS 433. The cloud of gas is located at 100 light-years away from the microquasar, and it is not on the trajectory followed by the jets, yet there seems to be a link between the two objects.

The way in which the black hole might influence or feed energy to the cloud of cosmic gas remains elusive for now, but a theory has already surfaced. It is possible that hydrogen atoms nuclei are generated near the end of the jets, releasing gamma-ray emissions.

Further research will take place, and the current information has been published in a scientific paper.

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