Two iOS Alternatives to Vidmate

Vidmate is an iOS application that provides great entertainment services. There are a lot of choices that iOS users currently have, but the Vidmate app is one that, unfortunately, does not make it to most of them. The Vidmate APK and the cool display of iPhones are two things that simply do not click together.

Well, do not despair. There are a lot of other alternatives that work on iOS. You will not even feel the difference, although you switch from your favorite. In this article, you will find the two that we like the most.


This is an absolutely genuine, incredibly popular application that makes a decent alternative to Vidmate for all iPhones out there. It is an incredible popular app these days and it is used to stream a lot of live entertainment stuff. You can watch anything from music events to cricket, Kabadi and to stage shows. The users of iOS will be able to get it quite easy, as HotStar is available on the Apple Store, just as it is available on the Play Store, the store belonging to Google. According to most user reviews, the app is very easy to use, with a very sleek interface. Users can even download all the content they see.


This is yet one more free application available for both Android and iOS users. It can be used to stream shows, movies and videos. It provides videos in HD and with amazing surround sound effects, all supported by iOS devices. You can also download the content if you use the CinemaBox app. There are extensive search tools involved in this app and it is even possible to search through content. The app has a Kids Mode, so you can censor some stuff, and it supports multiple language subtitles.

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