Ubisoft Tries To Justify Trackmania Subscription With Convoluted Excuse

Ubisoft is one of the biggest video game companies and developers in the world, with multiple studios spread across different countries. Despite the release of several popular games, the company has a tendency to dodge the truth from time to time, promising to much or attempting to twist something in a manner that seems more convenient.

One of the games that will be published by Ubisoft soon is a live service version of Trackmania that will offer a free-to-play tier and a choice between two different annual subscriptions, which grant additional benefits.

Restricting the experience

While the base version allows players to access the game and race on a list of curated tracks, many of the most popular features have been locked behind what is marketed as an affordable paywall. Access to the track editor, which has been a core part of the series, is conditioned by the need to pay a $10 annual fee.

Players who wish to have the chance to participate in exclusive racing events, earn special skins and unlock other benefits will have the option to pay a $30 annual fee or $60 for three years of access.

Convoluted excuses

Many fans of the game have stated on popular platforms that they are disappointed by the model selected by Ubisoft, as they are against subscription-based models and would prefer to pay $60 for lifetime access to the game and all of its features.

One the official Trackmania forums, Ubisoft argued that its model is not a subscription model, as it offers access to additional content for a limited amount of time, and it has to be renewed if players wish to continue to have access to the content after the specific period expires. Obviously, this is a complicated way of explaining what a subscription model is, and fan backlash has continued while some are making jokes about Ubisoft’s “creative” vision.

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