UC Browser Brings Support For GIFs Storage And More Improvements

UC Browser is one browser that allows you to share all the latest memes and gifs to your friends directly to WhatsApp. You can also save them on your mobile without much trouble. You can also download videos at a fantastic speed. It does not really matter where you are, and you can enjoy videos from everywhere. The browser is free.

What are its features?

The browser gets continuously upgraded. It also uses a U4 engine, which performs with a 20% improvement in web connection. The personal info security is at its best, and it’s easier to watch your favorite videos.

Enjoy stickers and send them to your friends. There’s a new page channel of videos and stickers made for you. Share them with all of your friends.

The downloads are fast, due to all the servers that speed up and stabilize the downloads. If an interruption takes place, the UC Browser will continue to download from where it stopped.

There’s also the small window mode, which allows the video window to be moved apart right from the webpage and it enables you to put it on the top of the screen while you’re texting with your friends or whole you’re doing it pretty much anything else, without your video to be interrupted.
It compresses your data, and it speeds up navigation, which means that you’ll save a lot of data traffic.

It comes with an ad-block, which will block all the ads that annoy you while using the browser. There are no more pop-up banner ads. There’s also the cricket card feature, which allows you to see the updated match live scores, and pretty much any info which can be searched about cricket.

So what’s new in UC Browser

The app added a hot word carousel function, and it optimized the storage experience of GIFs. You can already download UC Browser from the Google Play Store.

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