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UC Browser Turbo Update Rolled Out With New Gesture Control And Other Features

One of the best features offered by smartphones is the ability to access the internet easily. To access the internet, users have to launch a special app which is known as an internet browser. UC Browser is an excellent alternative to Chrome, and UC Browser Mini is also a great app.

Most smartphones come with a pre-loaded solution and several alternatives can be found on the Google Play Store. Many users often decide to go with some of the most popular choices, even if they may not always be the best ones.

About UC Browser Turbo

UC Web, the developers behind the popular UC Browser, has been hard at work on the creation of a new internet browsing app that can offer a reliable experience without the need to have a bleeding-edge device. The result is UC Browser Turbo.

UC Browser Turbo offers a series of features that make it quite useful for any smartphone owner who loves to browse the internet.

A major highlight is represented by a minimalist design that places an accent on functionality and utility instead of flash distractions. UC Browser Turbo does not feature the annoying news flow offered by other apps nor does it push useless notifications.

The performance was a major focus for the developer and this is visible. With the help of advanced servers, the app will boost the speed and stability of file downloads. The same servers are also responsible for an innovative feature known as cloud acceleration. This feature allows the app to increase the loading speed of websites and videos seamlessly.

Security is also an essential aspect in the present when many malicious third-party entities try to steal valuable data. With the Incognito mode, users can browse sites without the need to worry about leaving traces. A robust ad-blocking feature will prevent the device from displaying annoying ads, which is a great boon. Users will also enjoy the ability to play videos in the background.

What’s New in UC Browser Turbo

The latest update, UC Browser Turbo, comes with new gesture control. Drag your finger towards the left or right on the toolbar to quickly switch between tabs. Keep your bookmarks and videos safe with the Private Space feature. The app is now compatible with automatic or manual upgrades.

Also, new improvements and bug fixes have been added. You can already download UC Browser Turbo from Google Play Store.



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