UC Browser Turbo Update Includes Video Playing Optimizations

Hundreds of millions of smartphone users access the internet each day on their devices for a variety of purposes. While there are dedicated apps for social media, shopping, and other popular activities, most websites have to be accessed via a dedicated internet browser app.

UC Web, the developers behind the popular UC Browser, know that many users value speed and prompt responses above anything else. They put this information to good work along with advanced code and useful features to unleash.

Designed for speed

UC Browser Turbo offers a series of features that make it quite useful for any smartphone owner who loves to browse the internet. As the name of the app may infer, it was built with speed and performance in mind, but it also comes with handy tools.

Many browsers are slowed down by superfluous interfaces that feature useless gimmicks that consume valuable resources. UC Browser Turbo comes with a minimalist interface that features quick access to essential functions and features.

Maximum performance

Performance is a must, especially on older or budget devices that aren’t as capable as more expesive alternatives. UC Browser Turbo  features advanced cloud acceleration that helps pages to load faster and a data saver mode, which can help to remain online a lot longer. The acceleration is also extended to an efficient download manager who ensures that critical files arrive on your device intact.

Security is also an essential aspect in the present as there are many sites that wish to track user activities to deliver targeted advertising. With the dedicated incognito mode, websites can’t track your activities, and there is no need to delete browsing history after researching sensitive topics. Another interesting highlight is the ability to play videos in the background.

The improves video playback within the app and includes additional bug fixes.

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