Unscreen – How to Remove the Background From a Video

Being a vlogger or creator, you know how important is videography and how annoying are the background issues. Either you want to remove the background from a video, or you want to enhance your video quality, a paid software, or heavy editing, it doesn’t always do the trick. But thanks to some easy to use tools and free software, your work becomes effortless. You can obtain excellent results by using Unscreen for free.

How to Remove the Background From a Video

Removing the background from a video is more challenging than from a picture. An image is still, but in a video, a subject continuously moves. Due to such a thing, the task of removing the background is quite annoying and complicated. Using heavy editing, it would only make you lose precious time.

As for paid software, sometimes it won’t make a big difference. There are, of course, lots of free online tools or software to download. But what is the best one to try?

Unscreen makes things easier for you, as a free online tool of editing videos and photos. Open your web browser and search for Unscreen. Simply upload your video, and you’re almost done. Wait a couple of seconds, until your video is being edited. The background will be removed, and you’ll get only the transparent video.

You add GIFs in the background, another video, or a picture. After a few minutes, you can download your edited video for free. Using Unscreen will be more comfortable and less complicated for you. Forget about those unpredictable green screens, proper light conditions, and other settings.

Unscreen is the best option if you have a low budget, or the green screen has become a bother. Unscreen will release a Pro subscription soon. Pre-registers are currently available, but no details about the pricing yet. And here’s how to remove the background from a video.

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