Upcoming Yakuza Game Might Be Unveiled Soon: What to Expect

An upcoming Yakuza game is said to arrive soon, with a tease coming from a TGS 2020 co-host who says the next installment will be launched there.

The praised Yakuza game franchise has been gaining popularity recently in the west. Now, UK fans are eagerly waiting for the next release of Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon. 

However, a fresh report claims that Sega will unveil the series’ brand-new project at TGS. Here is what you need to know. 

New Yakuza Game on the Horizon

In Japan, Yakuza 7 was launched in January 2020, which makes it very unlikely that it will be the focus in the upcoming announcement. It’s possible, though, we’re going to receive an expansion for the game. But the new report makes it sound more like it’s a brand-new entry to the series. What should we expect?

In a now-removed tweet from Ayana Tsubaki, the TGS co-host, she says that “#ryugagotoku #yakuza The latest work in the [Yakuza] series will finally be announced,” during the Sega presentation on September 27. 

Unfortunately, the tweet doesn’t offer more information than that, but since Ayana is one of the hosts, it seems unlikely that she’s mistaken. The tweet is now deleted, which fuel the rumors of a new Yakuza game even more. But, from the tweet’s phrasing, we shouldn’t expect a port either, though Sega intends to port older games to PC. Things have never been so messy for a Yakuza entry.

Furthermore, there’s also a small chance that the game studio could launch Yakuza Online, but it was released two years ago in Japan, so it can’t be the “latest work.” Sunday (September 27) we’ll find all the details.

Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon will be available for Xbox Series X, PS4, and PC users on November 10. Xbox One users will get the game on November 13, while a PS5 variant is planned to release later this year.

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