Valorant Could Come To Consoles

Its been only a few days since Valorant was launched on PC to critical acclaim, as the title managed to impress a large number of reviewers and players alike. Riot’s take on the popular FPS genre proved that the studio is capable of creating an addictive experience even if it borrows some ideas from the veterans of the genre.

A masterful Twitch campaign that led to hundreds of thousands of people watching Valorant live streams ensured that the game would have a big audience at launch, and the strategy has been quite successful.

Console prototypes in the making

While the title was developed with PCs in mind, a high-ranking Riot employee has stated that prototype versions of the game are being developed for consoles as Riot Games wants to see how the experience might work on consoles.

Such a move may infer that the title could come to gaming consoles at some point in the features, with Xbox One and PS4 being the most likely candidates, as the system requirements of the title are far from being demanding. However, it can be quite tricky to adapt mechanics base on the mouse and keyboard combination on a controller.

Maintaining the competitive integrity

The employee stated that the core objective of the game is to promote a high level of competitive integrity and that players shouldn’t feel disadvantaged if they play on a different platform. Most gamers are more than aware of the fact that mixing players who use a keyboard and mouse with those who use a controller is not a great idea in the case of competitive games, even if the latter may make use of an assisted aim feature.

If Riot is sure of the fact that they can deliver the same experience on every platform, console ports could be released. However, the studio feels that compromises must be made the ports will be abandoned.

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