Valorant Got Updated: Important Changes to Breach, Sage, and Killjoy are Now Available

Valorant’s recent patch has added some long-awaited and essential changes to Breach, Sage, Killjoy, and other Agents, as well. 

Riot Games has introduced a brand-new patch for Valorant recently. Even if there’s good news, there are things that might come as disappointing for some. 

As the full notes for Patch 1.07 indicate, the new update brings a few noticeable tweaks to the beloved tactical shooter. Here is what you need to know.

Valorant Patch 1.07 Details: New Features and Significant Changes

Valorant’s new patch addresses the game’s hit registration issues with a few essential and much-awaited changes, including the visual effects.

Patch 1.07 adds a few other quality of life improvements, a new “remake match” option that allows a team to immediately end a game session if they start with one or more teammates missing. However, the best features introduced are buffs and nerfs.

Breach is one lucky Agent this time around. His Concussion skill that de-scopes opponents and prevents them from re-scoping has been updated. He can also carry from now on three flashes instead of two and a reduced detonation delay with his ultimate. 

Viper has been also buffed with a quicker Toxic Screen, the ability to see her ultimate area of effect on the team mini-map, and a Decay that no longer affects allies. 

Valorant’s Patch 1.07 comes with some long-awaited nerfs Riot has been teasing for quite a while for Sage. The healer Agent now has reduced healing on allies and self-heal, too, from 100 to 60. It can also lower the size of her Slow Orb by up to 30 %. The Barrier Orb’s wall will become fully fortified after only three seconds.

As for Killjoy, she gets her first significant change with a nerf that lowers her Nanoswarm from 60/s to 40/s. Her Turret has also been upgraded, and now it can fire more effectively. 

Finally, Valorant’s Patch 1.07 brings a new set of shotgun nerfs developed to keep shotguns useful outside their wanted range. Only Vandal receives a slight boost in both damage and firing speed. 

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