Valorant Receives An Expensive $100 Skin Set

Valorant has been a hit for Riot Games since release, as the popular title has attracted an impressive number of players since it was released at the start of June.  The game borrows elements from several successful shooters and blends them into an adrenaline-filled package that is really exciting.

In the spirit of League of Legends, Valorant can be played for free, and users will collect in-game currency that can be spent to unlock access to new agents or obtain flashy skins that will allow you to shoot other players in style.

The price of beauty

Besides spending in-game currency players also have the option to purchase skins with real-world money, and it appears the community is already affected by heated debates due to the way in which Riot has decided to design the monetization system, with some arguing that the prices are simply too high for most people while others revel in the fact that they can buy them while other’s can’t.

There are five skin tiers for Valorant, divided into Select, Deluxe, Premium, Ultra and Exclusive. The official Valorant Twitter account has posted a skin reveal trailer that showcases the first Ultra skin set for the game, and the reactions from gamers have remained mixed, with some being impressed about the visual quality while others complain about the price.

Bundle offer

The skin effects teased on Twitter is are a part of the Elderflame Set, which is the first set of ultra skins that will be soon. It is worth noting that the skin set will affect all of the weapons that can be used in-game, as even the knives will receive a fiery look that is quite cool.

It remains to be seen if the set will be as popular among players as Riot hopes, especially since skins can be enhanced with Radianite, a currency that can be acquired by completing battle pass content or direct purchase from the Valorant Points store.

It’s arguable that the price is wild at first sight, but skins for games like CS: GO, and Dota 2 can go beyond four digits on the trade market.

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