Valorant Streams Can Help You Obtain A Beta Key

Valorant, Riot’s new tactical shooter video game, has a Beta version available. The video game company wants to offer more accessible access to the closed beta. That means that it will be easier for the willing Beta testers to test the popular tactical shooter game. Riot developer of the game informed the world about the company’s plan on late Tuesday.

What does the company’s plan involve? It basically means that not only several selected Twitch streamers can be a Beta tester but more of the Twitch streamers. However, they still need to tick a few boxes to be able to test the game, but it means that there is still a possibility for everyone who has access to the Valorant game.

The company now drops the coveted beta access keys, but only steamers who actively live stream the game can test it. Twitch streamers also need to turn on the in-game drops feature, and they are good to go.

Valorant and the Beta Key

That means great news for the Valorant fans! The fans can now watch different streamers and have access to the game instead of just watching a few selected streamers. The fan community of the popular tactical shooter video game is growing really fast, so Riot wants to make things easier for this community. The company has checked thousands of the most devoted Twitch users and gave them manually access to become a beta tester of the Valorant gam.

This again is thanks to the streamers’ dedication to the new Riot video game. The streamers who received manual access to test the game have been watching streams day and night while eagerly awaiting a key, but they received something far better.

“Thank you, your internet, and your eyeballs,” reads the blog post by lead producer Anna Donlon and game director Joe Ziegler. Another good news for the Valorant fans is that Riot has also updated the server load capacity by 25 percent to account. We can’t wait for the original game to be available for everyone.

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