Valve Released All Half-Life Games Free on Steam Until the Launch of Half-Life Alyx

The Half-Life series ar one of Valve’s most significant additions to the actual gaming industry. It got that status for more than a decade now, and some things are going to change. Valve gets ready for its next installment with possible one of the best game launch in years, the Half-Life: Alyx. Until then, however, we received the chance to get all the Half-Life games for free on Steam.

Valve Released All Half-Life Games Free on Steam Until the Launch of Half-Life Alyx

The Half-Life records the fights with an alien invasion, also the misfortunes of ex-physicist, now soldier, Gordon Freeman, as the main character. The rest of the story, as developers stated, is now a well-preserved history, and Half-Life rapidly gathers a fanbase, which permanently works on new fan-made stuff, from videos to mods. We can say that Valve’s recent offer came as perfect for reliving all that stuff one more time.

From the first installment to the last one, Half-Life: Blue Shift, and even Team Fortress Classic, fans can enjoy all of them for free. Also, be sure to check the game’s page to find out how much the games will be available.

Half-Life Alyx Details and Features

Half-Life Alyx will be the next installment of the series and is going to release as a VR first-character shooter. It is solely developed and published by the giant Valve. The game will feature a series of events before a previous game, Half-Life 2, and players will have to lead Alyx Vance in other daring adventures.

The game is set to be launched in March for Windows. Developers explained that the VR game is produced with the Source 2 engine and is compatible with all PC-compatible VR handsets. Players will have to use VR to access and control the game. Some familiar things from the previous series will be encountered, such as physics-based combat, exploration, and puzzles.

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