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VidMate 4.2613 Update is Now Available with Faster Download Speeds

Watching online videos is the best way to pass up free time and there is no doubt about that! You can keep yourself entertained at all times or you can even learn something new by watching documentaries. On the downside of things, you cannot watch online videos without access to a stable internet connection. This can be quite problematic at times because, as we all know, free Wi-Fi is nearly impossible to find. Here is where the highly popular app called VidMate comes in and provides an alternative solution.

For the uninitiated, VidMate is a popular Android app that can download online videos from every website. Yes, this includes the biggest video streaming websites. Therefore, VidMate users can download all their favorite online videos when they are at home and then watch them while offline. To make things even better, the performances of VidMate are being improved on a weekly basis via new updates.

VidMate 4.2613 Update

As previously noted, the developers who are in charge of VidMate are constantly improving the app’s performances. With that said, no one should be surprised by the fact that a brand-new update has just been made available for VidMate. The update sports the 4.2613 version number and the developers of the app are rolling it out via over the air channels. Now, let’s see what are the “goodies” that the new VidMate update brings.

Faster Download Speeds

Considering the fact that the main feature that VidMate offers is the ability to download online videos, then it shouldn’t come as a shock that the new 4.2613 update aims to improve the overall speed at which the app can download online speeds. The way that the new update is doing that is by introducing a handful of “under the hood” software tweaks and bug fixes.



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