Vidmate Tips and Tricks: What Should You Know

Vidmate is a fantastic app if you want to download your favorite videos in a matter of seconds. The app has been optimized to support all the popular streaming platforms and to download videos from them without any problems.

If you still didn’t discover all the Vidmate features, here is what you should know.

MP3 Converter

Vidmate’s best feature is its built-in MP3 converter. The functionality can also be utilized to save storage space since it can be used on podcasts. And as you already know, podcasts usually last for up to three hours and are quite large. However, what matters is the audio. So, you can easily convert that video to an MP3 file and get the same result!

Video Quality Options

Vidmate lets you choose what type of video quality you want. If you pick the best video quality, the bigger the size it occupies. Choose a lower quality such as 480p when you download a video, and you’ll notice how much storage space you can save.

Using Vidmate on PC

Even if Vidmate is developed for Android devices, you can still make the app run on PC systems with the help of Android emulators. Bluestacks, for example, is an excellent Android emulator that you might want to try. Install the emulator and then download the latest APK version of Vidmate. The installation process is quite easy, and you can enjoy the Vidmate experience on your PC!

Quick Way to Search for Videos

Vidmate has a friendly user interface and a built-in search engine so that you can find all your favorite videos. Instead of having to search for any videos on third party streaming platforms and copying the URLs, just try Vidmate’s search bar. Type the song’s title, the artist’s name, or movie. Vidmate will offer you the best results in a matter of seconds.

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