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Vivaldi Browser With AdBlocker Version 3.2.1996.19 Enhances Performance

Vivaldi is a popular alternative browser for Android devices.

One of its advantages is that it manages custom blocking lists on Android’s embedded Ad Blocker and Tracker. Vivaldi has different view toggles and options to switch between various kinds of tabs from the lower side of the user interface from version 3.2 onwards.

Vivaldi is a potent choice for those who are looking for excellent performance but don’t want to rely on standard browsers.

Current Version

The team of developers has recently announced version 3.2 of the browser for Android devices.

Version 3.2 is the first significant update after the summer break.

The new version enhances Vivaldi’s built-in Tracker and Ad Blocker.

With the newest update, users can enable and manage other blocking lists and add custom lists of browsers that they want to block.

Additionally, the developers moved many of the browser’s functions to the bottom side for more straightforward one-handed use.

The bottom bar can now change views and switch between normal, private, and synced browsing modes.

The latest version features improvements like stability for Android devices (running Android 5 upwards), tablets, and Chromebooks.

Here are some of the top improvements of the newest app version, according to the developer’s website:

  • Colour happy: Background theme for Speed Dials will now change easily to dark mode – some cheer for users on Huawei devices.
  • Browse better in landscape mode: The bottom bar will now not appear when starting Vivaldi in the landscape mode – giving more screen space.
  • Sync with a picture: Sync Settings will now display the profile picture of the user when logged in while using Sync across installations of Vivaldi on other devices.
  • Notes, more improved: ‘Copy to note’ in Vivaldi’s unique Notes feature is now glitch-free for users experiencing difficulties – a big stability fix.”


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