Vivo’s Upcoming Smartphone Will Flaunt Giant Camera Lens

News about Vivo’s next project emerged recently. The company has begun hinting at its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Vivo X50. 

A video published on Weibo unveils the smartphone’s camera setup, and it looks incredible. Vivo X50 will most likely arrive with Samsung’s new sensor. Here are all the details. 

Vivo X50 Will Flaunt a Huge Camera Setup

The video published on Weibo reveals that Vivo’s upcoming flagship smartphone will arrive with the best camera setup so far. The camera features include two-normal-looking lenses, a periscope telephoto, and one much bigger module, probably for the main camera. The lens appears to rotate as a robotic gimbal controls the camera setup, indicating the most significant feature will be the image stabilization. 

One of the biggest additions in Vivo’s Apex 2020 concept smartphone, which we weren’t able to see live due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was the “gimbal-like” stabilization on a 48MP camera. Vivo stated that the design has quite an intriguing inspiration. The company was inspired by chameleons’ eyes and will be 100 % more effective than typical OIS. It will also allow longer nighttime exposures and sleeker video experiences. Vivo X50 will surely be the first commercial deployment of such a “chameleon” concept. 

The Apex 2020 also displayed a special periscope zoom system. The lens appeared to move, allowing a genuine 5x-7x optical zoom. Other smartphones with such a periscope system, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, for instance, have only software scaling to control interim focal lengths and some long prime lenses. 

It’s still unknown if this new periscope concept will be introduced on the Vivo X50. The camera setup shows the numbers “16-135” below the lenses, which might suggest a periscope prime of only 5x the focal length of a 27mm main camera. Vivo X50 could also use Samsung’s new ISOCELL GN1 sensor, which was recently announced. But until Vivo doesn’t release any official statements, everything is possible. We only have to keep our fingers crossed. 

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