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VPN By Private Internet Access Update 3.7.4 Update adds new bug fixes and improvements

The internet is a gateway to lots of beautiful things, including fun social networks, interesting websites, and much more. However, there are also some dangers that lurk in the dark, waiting for the opportunity to attack.

With VPN by Private Internet Access users can keep their activity safe and avoid harmful attackers from attackers who wish to gain access to sensitive information that can be monetized in a nefarious way. A selection of security features will keep your device safe at all times.

Secure and powerful

Developed by the team behind the most popular VPN service for Android smartphones and devices, the VPN app comes with a series of features and advantages that give users an edge. IP cloaking will ensure that your IP is swapped with one provided by Private Internet Access, so websites and others can’t track your browsing habits.

WPA AND WPA2 used to offer reasonable security, but they have been cracked, which means that even WI-FI hotspots protected by passwords aren’t as safe as they use to be. Use free hotspots comfortably without the need to worry about security as all your data is fully encrypted and anonymized.

Private and safe                               

A bleeding-edge encryption protocol will ensure that your data is encrypted several times. Even if someone can manage to monitor your activity, they will have to spend too much time to decrypt the information, and their interest will vanish.

Private Internet Access has a strict no-logs policy, which means that the company doesn’t access or store information that is processed by the VPN app. Users also have the option to allow certain apps to connect to the internet normally, and a Killswitch feature will cut the connection automatically if the VPN service is disconnected.

The 3.7.4 update comes with an assortment o new bug fixes and performance improvement that make the app even better.



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