War Planet Online Update 3.2.1 Brings Tier-12 War Machines And New Content

Millions of people love to play exciting games on their devices, and strategy games are particularly popular since they challenge asking the player to plan, develop, and execute moves that can ensure the path to victory.

War Planet Online is an excellent real-time multiplayer strategy game where players can wage war against the entire world. Craft a custom base which favors your playstyle and amass a large number of troops, combat vehicles, and other warfare equipment that can be used to gain an edge on the battlefield.


War Planet Online is the only real-time multiplayer title that places players on a massive real-world map, allowing them to face a difficult war zone. Accept the challenge and meet thousands of players from all over the world, which can become great allies or bitter enemies.

Find the best commanders for your troops and create a massive army as you expand your base and ensure a steady stream of supplies required for production. Customize commanders with powerful skills and make discoveries that will allow you to enhance troops, your base, and much more.

Ready for combat

Deploy your troops across the massive map and stay in touch with your alliance to coordinate large-scale assaults as you seek to destroy high-value targets. New Renegades are released on a regular basis, along with exciting seasonal events and new content.

The map is always changing as players can vote for a World President or Dictator. They have the power to issue orders which change the shape of the map. Join your alliance on the Orbital Command space station and unleash powerful effects across large certain of the map. Unlock new features as you upgrade your World HQ.

The 3.2.1 update comes with Tier-12 War Machines, fresh daily missions, a battles pass, and a wealth of new content, including special events to celebrate the third anniversary of the game.

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